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Here's What's New At BMX!

Starting 2/24/2013: Every new member is going to get a pre-programmed
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They're going to get (1) 1st
Level Member Free, & (5) 3rd Level Members Free!

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The sooner you become a member, the more quickly you'll receive your free members!

But wait... here's what it means to those who are already members...

If you introduce the program to just one person, you instantly
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Our Income Generating Engine

Many people believe that they've already seen it all, and that every program on the Internet is just the same as the next. Not only is this not true, but it's also a risky way to think in this rapidly changing world. Join us for 5 minutes, and you'll understand why thousands of people love this (read what others say about us). We've spent thousands of hours in development time creating a system which will allow everyone to succeed, regardless of ability or experience. We've designed it so that experienced marketers will make a great deal of money immediately, while they help to build the teams of their less-experienced downlines. The end result is a matrix-generation engine which will make everyone happy, share the wealth in a fair and reasonable manner, and continue to accelerate in income generation as time goes by. The smartest thing for you to do is to secure a spot in the primary matrix as soon as possible, which guarantees you the largest number of professional marketers, spillover, and random allocation through the main page. And by all means, definitely tell all of your friends about us. They deserve some success too.

We want to be the largest and most successful matrix system in the world, so before we go on, we wanted to talk about our membership fee. We arrived at our $27.50 price point (from our original price of $10.00) because we want our members to make a lot of money. Our intention is to distribute all of the money which comes in, paying out $10.00 each to both the generating member and to his sponsor. The remainder is distributed to all members above. keeps $10.00 only when someone joins directly through the main page, some of which is used to pay for advertising, maintaining the income-generating software system, websites, and member support. And remember, we place all members who join through the main page randomly into our members' matrices. This means that anything they do benefits that member forever. Our system is here to stay, and we'll only make money if you do. That seems fair, doesn't it? You should become a member ASAP.

Special Note: Here's a secret little tip that will ensure everyone's success... because this system is so powerful, you can actually use your friend's referral name when you refer someone. This has 2 powerful effects. Firstly, your friend will receive $10.00 (and so will you) which encourages them to participate instantly. Secondly, you can tell your new referral that you'll do the same for them, which makes they want to join even more. See how simple that is? Once people start making money with this system, you just can't stop them, because it's just so much fun to see your matrix grow, and to earn as much money as you want. Remember, if you have 5 personal referrals referring just 1 person per week each, that's a steady income of $200 per month coming in from just those 5. You can build your team as wide as you want, and it will continue to grow deep all by itself. Doesn't that sound like a great plan?

Special new feature: The Saturday Special! Every Saturday, all members who have 2 personal referrals are eligible to have every member who comes in through the main page added to their matrix for an entire hour. Every hour the recipient will change, so you could have dozens of new downline members immediately. You'll earn $10.00 for each one of them instantly, plus $10.00 for every person they refer... forever. Now that's something worth winning.

How Our System Works

Now we're going to break our system down in the simplest way possible, so that everyone can understand exactly how and why it works. Let's begin with your matrix position.

- Your Matrix Position Starts Here -


Level 1: P1 - P2 - P3 - P4 - P5 - P6 - P7 - P8 - P9 - P10

Description: You earn $10.00 for filling each first level spot. Members who are spilled over from above or who fall randomly into your first level through the main page become permanent members of your matrix. They will earn you your next $1.000.


Level 2: Q1 - Q2 - Q3 - Q4 - Q5 - Q6 - Q7 - Q8 - Q9 - Q10 - Q11... Q100

Description: You earn $10.00 for each 2nd level spot filled by all sourcing engines, including direct referral by your 1st level, all random allocation through the main page, and all spillover generated by member activity above you. Since there are 100 positions within your 2nd level, filling it will earn you a cool $1,000. And it all starts by just becoming a member.


Level 3: Description: There are 1,000 pay positions on your 3rd level, and you will be paid $1.00 for each one filled, regardless of the originating source. The bottome line is this: since you permanently own your spot in the primary matrix, you will always benefit as the system grows both above and beneath you. When that number reaches thousands, so will the number of dollars you receive.


Level 4: Description: There are 10,000 pay positions on your 4th level, and you will be paid $1.00 for each one filled, regardless of the originating source. And since your 4th level has 10,000 spots on it, your payout potential begins to approach life-changing amounts at this point.


Level 5: Description: There are 100,000 pay positions on your 5th level, and you will be paid $1.00 for each one filled, regardless of the originating source. As your 5th level fills you'll be able to start paying for things with cash. A big screen TV, a jet ski, and all the clothes and shoes you want... all purchased with cash.


Level 6: Description: There are 1,000,000 pay positions on your 6th level, and you will be paid $1.00 for each one filled, regardless of the originating source. A million spots. Yeah, that's crazy. A million dollars cash is like an NFL signing bonus. This is where you start to live the lifestyle you've always wanted.


Level 7: Description: There are 10,000,000 pay positions on your 7th level, and you will be paid $1.00 for each one filled, regardless of the originating source. 10 million spots. That's lottery money. But in this case, you don't have to beat staggering odds. You just need to be an active member. And like the lottery, you can't win it if you're not in it. You should join right now.


Level 8: Description: There are 100,000,000 pay positions on your 8th level, and you will be paid $1.00 for each one filled, regardless of the originating source. Even a fraction of 100 million dollars is a huge amount of money. Some of our members are already starting to fill their 8th levels, and we've only been around since 2009.


Level 9: Description: There are 1,000,000,000 pay positions on your 9th level, and you will be paid $1.00 for each one filled, regardless of the originating source. I don't know what you would choose to do with a billion dollars. I guess you'll need to buy a yacht, to sail to your private island. Helicopters, private jets, and all of that kind of stuff can be purchased with this kind of money.


Level 10: Description: There are 10,000,000,000 pay positions on your 10th level, and you will be paid $1.00 for each one filled, regardless of the originating source. The sum total of all spots beneath you is 11+ billion. Would you like to get started earning your first billion dollars?




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