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Traffic-Exchanges Are Great!

The Secret To Success Is Exposure!

We think is the very best Traffic-Exchange on the planet. It's the most generous, that's for certain. But in the interest of fairness, we are listing some others which we also like. We strongly suggest that you join and use all of these tools, in the order presented. The greater your exposure, the greater your profits! And if you can install a little bit of html code on your site click here! It will rock your world!

They're all free to join, but RunawayTraffic offers some Hit Packages to get your business rocking starting at $.99 cents! Okay, do this: click on the link below, and open your free account. Surf 25 sites (it won't take long, it's a 5 second timer!), because you'll get good results from this site. Afterwards, you can click HERE to add some credits to your account (again, as low as 99 cents, but you can get a crap-load of traffic for only $5.00!). When you sign up for, you should use the same email address as your Paypal account. This will make your life easier, and I'll explain why later. Now, let's get your marketing career going!



After you've hooked up your free account, jump right into these other great free programs and exchanges. By using multiple sources, you'll see your income increase dramatically!

Get the world's best Viral Tool Here 100% Free!

Now, before you start using any other traffic exchanges, you'll want to hook up This Viral Tool. It only takes 2 minutes, and it will increase your results dramatically! People jump on this much more quickly than other sites (because it's free & easy), so for every 100 times you display this site, you'll take on at least 3 to 5 new people, who will then carry on your advertising! That's why this thing goes viral, and why this is just a total win-win for everyone!


Scoring 39,000 free banners is as easy as making a couple of clicks. PIF4 Infinity is an absolute must-add to your advertising arsenal, and I also highly recommend that you upgrade to Diamond Level. It costs only $4.99 one-time to upgrade, and it gives you access to the whole advertising package each and every month, forever. Not only that, but it will also put a small amount of money into your AlertPay account every week for the first couple of months, and then it will increase by a few dollars a week after that. I'm already up to over $115.00/wk. so far, and it's not showing any signs of slowing down. For an investment of under $5.00, it's a whole lot of value, with an enormous amount of potential.

If you're looking for a quick and easy stream of additional income, then is exactly what you need. A one-time $10.00 cost gets you started instantly, purchasing a position within the largest global matrix of all time. With over 10 billion pay positions filling up above and below you, you'll see daily profits after just a few weeks. Nothing has a better return or greater potential than! Join can change your entire life! By the way, this program has more web traffic than Bank of America! Right now it's working its way into China & India, so if you become a member today, by this time next year you'll have hundreds of Chinese and East Indian people working their butts off to make you rich! Won't that be great?



Here is a list of FREE Blogger tools!

For those who like to write and post their own ads, here are some tools which are 100% free to use. Some of them leave your ads posted forever, so you never know when someone will happen upon yours and follow your advice!



Easy Hits 4 U Exchange

As unbelievable as it sounds, this site has over 460,000 registered users! That means when you surf (at a generous 1:1 ratio) that pretty much the moment you earn credits, someone else is looking at your pages! This is also one of the most pleasant surf-sites we've ever used! Not only is it delivering some quality traffic, but people are building downlines which are absolutely immense! I've got over 7,400 members in my downline right now, all earning me a percentage of their surfing! Now, the moment you join through my link, I'll start pouring new members into your downline, too! Every day I currently earn more than 1,000 free views, and believe it or not, this site actually delivers that many to me! I strongly recommend that you join this site, surf it regularly, and then refer all of your friends to it!. The results can be simply spectacular!



Web Biz Insider Exchange

This is a site primarily dedicated to people who wish to work in the area of Internet money programs and related pursuits. As this site becomes more and more popular, you may find that you can't keep up with it just through clicking.


Hit2Hit Exchange

You'll definitely want to add Hit2Hit to your arsenal of exchanges. It has a very quick 6 second timer, so you can run up some credits fast. The only thing about this site is that they're really picky about what they list, so you might only want to advertise sites such as Traffic Sword. That alone will score you some great action!



Okay, even more free earning tools here! The sites above are plenty to keep most people busy, and to really build up their businesses fast. Put 20 minutes per day into each one of them, and you'll definitely succeed (you should also advertise each of them on the other sites!) Now, if for some reason you have plenty of extra time on your hands (i.e., you're unemployed, etc.) then you should consider joining the programs below, and expanding your coverage. But otherwise, I would stick with the tools above, and that will be plenty.








RealHitz4U Exchange

This is a pretty slick traffic exchange. Lots of bells and whistles. You definitely want to join this exchange. Also, if you're going to buy any credits (after you've purchased some from above, that is), then this is the place to buy.




TrafficG Exchange

This site gets so much traffic that it's hard to keep up with it just by surfing, so I highly recommend that you promote it as well. They're very generous with regard to referral commissions. Also, be sure to activate your account as quickly as possible (add a URL and surf 5 sites), as this will entitle you to some hidden bonuses.



Web Traffic Marketing

This program isn't free, but it's so astonishingly effective that we absolutely had no choice but to include it on our bargain page! With just one click per day, you can instantly choose which of your 5 saved ads you wish to share with millions of people! There's no spamming involved, it's a 2-way opt-in list! This program will pay for itself the very first month...if not the very first blast! We've made thousands of dollars using this system, and you will too! Get it now!



I Love Hits Exchange

This exchange is a lot better than it used to be. It's under new ownership, and they've worked out all of the bugs. They seem to be taking on a lot of new members, and I'll bet a lot of the old members are starting to come back. It's fun and easy to use, so I suggest you join it ASAP.





Traffic Bunnies Exchange

Women really seem to love this exchange. It's soft and feminine, and yet it delivers a great advertising punch. Get in touch with your inner rabbit.





Monster-Traffic Exchange

Monster-Traffic is both a business and an advertising tool in one. It's very quick and easy to set up, because you're only going to be entering the information for your top website, plus your best banner. Now, here's why it's also a strong little business: by upgrading to Pro status (for only $10.00 per month), you will be eligible to promote the site to others, and to receive $5.00 per month for each upgraded member. In other words, after you've referred 2 people, it's free to you. Because it's such an effective advertising tool, it's easy to get people to use it, and then they'll quickly upgrade. After a few months you can develop dozens of members, netting you a nice little profit. Not to mention the ton of advertising they'll create for you. If you're serious about making a living on the web, I strongly suggest that you join and upgrade immediately.


Love Banner Exchange Programs? Then This Is For You!

If you have your own website (one you can add a banner to), then you MUST check out this fantastic free program!

This is the very best multi-level banner exchange program going! As you display other people's banners on your websites, your own banners will be seen on thousands of other websites with no additional effort on your part! And by referring just a few other people to this webpage, you can earn thousands & thousands of free banner impressions on a daily basis! And it's all 100% free for the taking! Join this free program today...and watch it work magic for your traffic!


Traffic Fairy Exchange

This site is easy to use, and growing pretty fast. I think you'll have a good experience with it.



To join TrafficSwarm, click on the banner above. The free membership is easy to use, and gives a fair number of credits. You don't need to upgrade to a Pro Membership. It's too expensive to benefit the average user. The free membership allows you to run up to 10 different ads at once, which should be plenty for most people anyway.



You absolutely have to join this site! You can join for free and then promote it, or you can pay $10.00 to buy an advertising position. The thing is, every time someone clicks on your site, you'll earn 10 cents towards your next monthly position. You can either leave the money in your account (which advertises your own websites), or you can withdraw your funds as you wish. In just a few weeks I've made hundreds of dollars. It's just that easy.



Viral & Replicating Tools

Be absolutely sure to include a number of viral tools in your marketing arsenal! They're 100% free, and will produce greater and greater results as time goes by!

If you're not familiar with these, let me begin by saying that they take only a few minutes to set up, and then you advertise them just like your other web sites.

How they work is this: You will view 5 or 6 other member's websites. Each time you do, you'll be given a code number, which you will then paste into the box provided. Once you have completed viewing all of them, you will submit your own information, and be given a free page with your website in the #1 position. Everyone else will move down a spot, and the person at the bottom will drop off the list.

If 10 people join your page, and 10 people join their page, and 10 people join their page, that would mean 1,000 people will be promoting a page which shows your website...all for free!

T2000 Viral